Think of a Medical Review as the information you would give your doctor to explain your experience. Factors like taste, smell, burn, etc, are all very relevant points to cover in any review, but they should be secondary to the medical effects in a proper Medical Review. Think less ‘wine tasting’ and more ‘candid chat with your doctor’. The most important aspect of a Medical Review is detailing accurate medical information that will help other individuals – as well as producers and doctors – better understand what strains are helping people with what medical issues.

In addition to the positive and negative medical effects and issues like taste and smell, a Medical Review also needs to give a detailed consumer experience. Was your licensed producer helpful throughout your buying experience? Did you feel the price was fair? Was the shipping time and cost acceptable? Perhaps most importantly, would you recommend this licensed producer to other people?

To recap: A Medical Review is one that gives the reader detailed information about the user’s medical experience with a strain. It need not necessarily be positive, it just needs to be informative. Here are some key points to consider:

  • What was the batch/lot number?
  • What are you using the strain to address, what are you seeking to get from using this specific strain?
  • What is your preferred ingestion method? Smoking, vaporizing, consuming an oil?
  • How did it help with the specific issues and what, if any, were the positive and negative side-effects? For example, if you’re using cannabis to deal with anxiety or arthritis, let us know if it helped, how it helped, and if there were any side-effects that added to or detracted from this experience.
  • Try to write at least 100 words, if not more. Simply saying “I liked this” or “This sucked” is not a Medical Review.
  • Include a picture of both the packaging (please black out any personal information), and the product itself. This helps us to better confirm that your review is legitimate, plus people like to see what the cannabis and packaging looks like.

Example 1 of a Medical Review:

I’ve been using LP’s “Strain C” for two weeks now, on a nightly basis, to help deal with insomnia. I have found the Strain C to be very effective to help me get a full night’s sleep. I use about half a gram every night in a DaVinci vaporizer about an hour before bed. I find it relaxes me and prepares me for a slower evening, usually allowing me to relax enough to actually enjoy sleep. I also suffer from IBS, but I have found the Strain C makes me too sleepy to use during the day to treat my irritable bowel. I’ve been using a lower THC strain for that.

Example 2:

I recently purchased 10 grams of Strain X from LP to help deal with chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia. I have found the strain to be a very heavy “high”, but it doesn’t seem to address my chronic pain issues in the way other strains have. In fact, I find even using this strain in small doses seems to trigger my long-standing issues with anxiety, especially if I take it during the day. The customer service at the LP was very cooperative and helpful, but the price was too high. I will not be purchasing this strain again for my chronic pain issues, and will likely try a few others in the future.

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