Registering with a licensed producer is relatively simple, although each LP has its own forms and processes so it’s not necessarily possible to explain in exact detail. But in general, in order to register with an LP, you will need to fill out its registration form (typically found on the licensed producer’s website), and also provide a note from your physician that recommends both your use of medical marijuana as well as the prescribed amount (typically in grams/day).

These two documents do not need to be completed and/or submitted at the same time. Many patients will first visit their doctor to ensure they qualify, at which point they may receive the doctors note authorizing their use and the prescribed amount. From that point, either the patient or doctor must submit the original medical document to the licensed producer of choice.

It should be noted that no documentation needs to be sent to Health Canada, nor does Health Canada need to approve your application. For more on Health Canada’s role, see here.

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