While not necessarily easy to do, many patients have been able to successfully register with more than one licensed producer at the same time. Health Canada’s regulations are somewhat vague on if this is allowed or how it can be done, but typically a patient will simply request (or in some cases, a physician will suggest) that his or her prescription be split into two or more notes. So if your physician feels that you would benefit from 3 grams of cannabis per day, instead of writing you one note for 3g/day, he could write you three notes for 1g/day each. That way you can send an original copy to three different licensed producers (It’s important to remember that Health Canada requires that the original copy of the medical document be sent to the LP either via mail or, in some cases, secure fax. You cannot photocopy or otherwise duplicate your document and send it to different LPs).

Often times the most challenging part of this process is having a physician that’s not only knowledgeable enough about the program to prescribe, but informed enough to understand that splitting a prescription is not only allowed but, in some cases, desirable (in cases, for example, where a patient would benefit from two different strains that are not both carried by one LP).

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